Mobile Waxing Services

The Beauty Fountain offers a full range of waxing treatments. We only use the PhD waxing system because it is the recognised leader in waxing. The unique PhD applicator is attached to the tube of high quality wax and is applied directly to the treatment area. The applicator is then thrown away after each treatment eliminating the risk of infection or cross contamination which can be associated with the traditional pot and spatula system. PhD is totally safe.

Pre Waxing Advice
Do not wax any area if you are currently or have within the last 6 months taken Accutane or are using Retin A. Also do not wax if you are taking or using medication which will cause skin sensitivity i.e glycolic acid (skin peels), or after sunbeds, sunburn, are diabetic, have varicose veins or poor circulation.

After Wax Advice: (up to 24 hours after the waxing treatment)
1. Avoid saunas or swimming
2. Use only the afterwax lotions recommended
3. Do not wear stockings or tight clothing following a leg wax
4. Avoid sun or UV exposure
5. Do not apply fake tan
6. Do not apply deoderant after underarm wax
7. Do not apply perfume or make up to waxed areas
8. Avoid hot showers/baths

It is advisable to exfoliate as soon as comfortable and apply moisturizer daily to help prevent ingrown hairs. Hair should be at least 1/4 inch long and please note hair may take three waxes for a perfect result due to the hair growth cycle/previous shaving. For best results do not shave between waxes.

Waxing Prices
3/4 leg £20.00
1/2 leg £16.00
Full leg£28.00
Lip £8.00
Minimum call out charge £20.
We regret we are unable to provide waxing services for men.


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