Nail Treatments

Shellac Manicure - £40
Nails are shaped, cuticles tidied and Shellac applied. Goes on like polish, wears like a gel, super long lasting shine.

Re-Shellac Manicure - £50
Old Shellac is removed, mini manicure and glossy new overlay applied.

Shellac Toes - £40
Nails are shaped, cuticles tidied and Shellac applied.

Re-Shellac Toes - £50
Old Shellac is removed, mini pedicure and glossy new overlay applied

Beauty Fountain full Luxury Manicure with Shellac - £60
(see details of luxury manicure below)

Beauty Fountain full Luxury Pedicure with Shellac - £70
(see details of luxury pedicure below)

Shellac Removal with no Re-Shellac - £20


Crystal Toes (using only genuine Swarovski crystals) - £100
Nails are shaped, cuticles tidied and genuine Swarovski crystals applied all over the toenails for the ultimate in glamour. The crystals are set into a quality base (Shellac) so professional removal is easy and safe. A truly stunning pedicure. Please allow around one and a half hours for this treatment.

Full Luxury Crystal Pedicure - £130
(see details below of full luxury pedicure)

Crystal Pedicure Removal - £25
(to include nail shape and oil application)


Bio Sculpture Natural Nail Overlay / Gel Set Manicure - £40
A high quality gel set manicure. Nails are shaped, cuticles tidied and clear, colour or french gel is applied. Each odourless coat is set under a ultra violet lamp leaving beautiful, protected nails. Finish is long wearing and chip-proof.

Bio Sculpture Gel Toes - £40
Permanent high gloss gel overlay, clear, colour or french, no more having to spend valuable time keeping your nail enamel perfect - especially in those summer sandles! Great for holidays.


Fountain Spa Luxury Manicure - £30
We only use the finest products. A luxurious, relaxing manicure tailored to your individual needs showing your hands at their very best. Enamel if required.

Fountain Spa Luxury Pedicure - £40
Individual foot spa liners for total hygiene. A relaxing full professional pedicure to soothe and help to bring a feeling of well-being. Feet are cleansed, softened and moisturised - a pedicure tailored to your individual needs! Nails are shaped and tidied, hard skin buffed, cuticles tidied, a foot scrub, a foot mask and a massage all with quality delicious smelling products. Nails can be buffed to a shine or enamel if required...pure heaven!

Creative Nail Design (liquid and powder) Enhancements - £50
If you are struggling to maintain your natural nails then nail enhancements are the answer. After a full consultation we can design the best enhancements for you and your lifestyle, from beautiful and natural, to permanent french or glitter.


Nail Biters Programme
No need to feel embarrassed - we have helped many clients achieve their aim of lovely nails with regular manicure, professional advice and aftercare.


Note: £5 will be added to visit price for travel over 5 miles

Nail Enhancements in Wimbledon

Waxing Treatments in Wimbledon
MMA liquid is unfortunately used in many Non-Standard Salons and has already been banned in America. To ensure MMA adheres to the natural nail rough preparation methods are used, this weakens and thins the nail. It is solvent resistant and in Non-Standard Salons it is often just pried from the natural nail or, because the product is very hard, a drill (electric file) is used by an untrained technician which again can cause damage. When a MMA nail is knocked or banged because it has no flexibility it often causes severe trauma to the natural nail.