Say Hello to Shellac.

A power polish by Creative Nail Design, market leaders in professional nail products. CND Shellac is hypo-allergenic and '3-free', meaning it is free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). Shellac is designed for the natural nail client who simply can't keep enamel on for more than a few days or is impatient in the drying process of enamel. Shellac saves the client time who wants gorgeous nails but doesn't have the time to maintain them. Shellac is excellent protection for the natural nail if thin and weak...also flexible for hard but brittle nails. Many colours now available.

Shellac nails

Shellac nails

Shellac nails

Shellac, when cared for properly i.e within normal use, will last up to 14 days (after which the growth gap by the cuticle will be very obvious)..however some nail chemistry may affect this as would rough wear on them...although the product is tough! The usual nail care aftercare applies....although Shellac does withstand water very well, wearing rubber gloves is best for the handcare anyway. Avoid chemicals (cleaning products etc can be harsh as can chemicals in suncreams etc). Use a drop of solar oil regularly (keeps cuticles soft too). Shellac is an easy product to care for, enjoy your gorgeous Shellac manicure!

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