Bio Sculpture Gel Set Manicure

A high quality gel set manicure/natural nail overlay (no extension). Nails are shaped, cuticles tidied and clear, colour or french gel is applied. Each odourless coat is set under a ultra violet lamp leaving beautiful, protected nails for extra strength. Finish is long wearing and chip-proof.

Professional removal/change of colour etc is quick, clean and easy.

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails Benefits:
Thin, Strong and Flexible
Natural looking
No dust, no odour
Dries instantly under UV light
Quick and easy removal


Bio Sculpture Aftercare Advice
Thank you for choosing the Bio Sculpture gel nail system. Now that your nails look lovely you need to take care of them.

Oil based products and strong detergents can cause the gel to lift so always wear gloves when cleaning and gardening.

If swimming regularly wash your hands afterwards to remove chlorine and apply top coat more regularly to help protect the gel.

After applying suntan lotions wash your hands to help avoid discolouration.

Always have your Bio Sculpture gel removed professionally.

It is at your own risk if you use other brands of products with Bio Sculpture gel, as they may contain ingredients which cause your gel to lift.

Enjoy your lovely nails!


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